Our Services :

1- Ecommerce Strategy

We assist organizations to build an ecommerce business . We take ample  time to plan and hence  chances for success will increase dramatically. Javafar creates a realistic business plan. And will review the plan with your company management .

2- Selection of software platform

The eCommerce platform market isn’t a tiny one, there are literally hundreds of options available – some might have a simple feel to them, but that isn’t always enough, while some might feel extremely cluttered, but provide cheaper rates and prices.

We will assist you to select the correct platform .

3- Selection of payment methods

We will assist you with selection of payment gateways and merchants account to accept credit cards such Visa , Master Card , Amex , Paypal , Cash and checks .


We have expertise in logistics including , inventory control , shipping and reciving . We will streamline your logistics.

5- Online marketing

Our experts have years of experience in the area of on-line marketing , with Google , Yahoo, Social media and various other platforms . We will assist your company to present the products online and visible.

6- Business assistance

Our consultants can assist you with other compliance issues in the business .

7- International Market

Javafar can assist you to set up your ecommerce operation in various other countries remotely . This division will ensure the compliance with tax , duty , Logistics , insurance , accounting and   shipping .

8- Investment

In some cases our company have invested in small to medium companies assisting with their growth .